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Your choice of choice lamb. 

Butterflied lamb leg will become your favourite if it isn't already - quick and easy to cook over a smokey BBQ or in the oven, a simple rub of oil rosemary and garlic makes it just magic. 

Speaking of casting spells, the lamb rumps will bewitch you with their cooking simplicity, on either the BBQ or in the oven and the result, medium rare lamb sliced will weave its spell on your diners.

To get these lamb treats as well as tasty lamb chops and lamb mince, checkout our Baa Baa Que.

The Baa Baa Que contains:

1kg Lamb Mid-loin Chops

1.5kg Butterflied Lamb Leg

4 pieces Lamb Rumps (Cap On)

2 x 500g Lamb Mince

500g Eye Bacon

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