Prime Mince & Bacon


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Make your everyday meals something special with our versatile Prime Beef Mince.

Be inspired and make juicy meatballs, tasty meatloaf, or homemade burgers. The only limit is your imagination.

The Whale Meat Company prime beef mince is not laden with excess fat or water, so it makes your recipes special!

We make life easy by vacuum packing your Whale Meat Company prime mince into 500g bags.

This means that you can use the mince now or easily freeze it for use later. Vacuum packs also make it easy to defrost. You can thaw them in the microwave or in tepid water.

Stock up with Prime Mince & Bacon now.

Prime Mince & Bacon contains:

Prime Mince (500g) x 8 packs

Streaky Bacon (500g) x 2 packs

Eye Bacon (500g) x 2 packs


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